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Our Projects

All of the money we raise is for small local projects and all of the donations are from AIC members.

Our Charity Committee administers the Small Grants Fund (your organisation can apply here). The grants are very closely administered.  Each project is assessed for suitability and allocated a liason within the committee.  The liason works very closely with the organisation to manage the assigned project.  Representatives from the committee visit the project before and during the adminstration of the grant.  We oversee the pricing and purchasing of materials and check that all funds granted by the AIC go to the purpose for which they were granted.


The wonderful thing about seeing all these amazing projects is that we also have an amazing opportunity, to bring people and organisations together… we have brought several of our cooperatives and projects together to cooperate and learn from one another.

Many AIC members volunteer with different organisations and cooperatives and find it to be an extremely rewarding experience.

We will be profiling some of our cooperatives and projects and we hope that anyone who feels they have something to offer, will contact the projects directly, to offer their assistance.

For people interested in joining the Charity Committee, please inform us of your interest on aicrwandacharity@gmail.com we will let you know as soon as a vacancy becomes available.