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Our Team

Our Team is made up of volunteers who give generously of their time.  

We have an elected Executive who are appointed annually. If nominations are not forthcoming, members will be invited to take on a position by the President. The Executive is responsible for the leadership, direction and organisation of the Club and all its activities.

Executive Team:

President:                                             Catherine McQueen

Small Grants Fund Committee Chair:  Cheryl Mutabazi

Coffee Mornings:                                  Valerie Naadu Abbas

Events:                                                  Morag Davite

Membership & Secretary:                     Christy Glaser

Marketing & Communications:             Autumn Marie Faraj

Treasurer:                                             Nicoleta Guzel


Past Presidents:

Annette Swale 2018-2020

Keelin Vernon 2017-2018

Cheryl Mutabazi 2015-2017

Barbara Wiesner 2012-2013

Bea Patroons-Delie 2011-2012

Martie Kuiken 2009-2010

Odette Rwubuzizi 2008

Chantal Roux 2007

Martine Gedopt 2006

Bernadette Kubwimana 2004-2005


The Small Grants Fund Committee is made up of self nominated members and those invited by the Chair, with an optimum number of approximately 10 – 12. Each Committee member must be willing to visit projects for a pre or post assessment & once the project is checked out to act as a contact point and advocate.  A willingness to write reports on the visits is also expected.


The Committee has responsibility for the administration of the Small Grants Fund as well as approving and monitoring all grant applications through to implementation & conclusion of the project.

Small Grants Fund Committee:

Chair: Cheryl Mutabazi


Leoncie Bucyana

Emerita Mugorewicyeza

Teresa Baluszynska-Kusai

Emily Jabour

Pam Paulis-Burgers

Aline Miller